Book Review: Roses for Mama

“I need to–to find ways to teach them. Encourage them. Just like Mama did with me.”

It has been three years since their parents death. Seventeen year old Angela and her nineteen year old brother Thomas work hard to keep the farm running and raise their three young siblings, but are their efforts enough? Angela worries that she will not train her charges as well as her mother would. When a wealthy man comes to town and begins courting her, Angela dreams of a new future for all of them. But when Carter realizes she plans to bring her family with her, he calls of the wedding. Will Angela’s responsibility keep her from marriage?

This is one of my favorite books and has been re-read many times. Angela’s devotion to her family is refreshing. The story pulls you along like the current of a gentle stream.

Author: Janette Oke
Audience: Young Adult through Adult
Genre: Nostalgic
Pages: 224
Publisher: Bethany House

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4 Replies to “Book Review: Roses for Mama”

  1. This book sound really good! I think i’ll add it to my never ending list of to read 🙂
    This blog is lovely Leah! Hope to see more!

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