Book Review: Interrupted

Mama stood by my bed, clad in a milky-white nightgown, her long, dark hair falling down her shoulders. She held a finger up to her lips.

When Allie’s mother dies, she blames one of the few people who really cares for her. When she leaves her home (against her will) and is taken to Maine to live with an adoptive mother, Allie assumes she will never see Sam Carroll again. In Maine, Allie pulls inside of herself, blocking out her Miss Beatrice Lovell, her adoptive mother, and Miss Beatrice’s faith. Her heart seems impenetrable…until Sam shows up. Will his example of unconditional love help Allie to live again?

I definitely recommend this book. It does have a slight love element, but it was tastefully handled. As a homeschool graduate, I was thrilled to read such a well written book from a homeschooler.

Author: Rachel Coker
Audience: 12 and up
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
Pages: 256
Publisher: Zondervan

Join me Wednesday for an interview with Rachel Coker!

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