Book Review: Raiders from the Sea

Her father spoke straight into her heart. “Briana, if a test comes, remember how much we love you. And know that you’ll have the courage to win.”

When Briana–or Bree as she is usually called–is captured by viking raiders, she needs every bit of courage she has. Enslaved by an arrogant young man, Bree clings to her faith to see her through and seeks God’s help and guidance.

This book is the first of the Viking Quest series. When a friend first mentioned the series to me, I said I wasn’t interested in the vikings. Thankfully she knew me better and convinced me to read them. My only protest when I reached the end of Raiders from the Sea was that she hadn’t lent me book two! This has become my favorite series. I highly recommend this book and the four sequels.

Audience: All ages (independent reading, age 10 and up)


3 Replies to “Book Review: Raiders from the Sea”

  1. Matthew just finished this series, and he loved it! He is not a reader like Hannah; so when he likes a book, I listen! 🙂

    1. Hannah mentioned that. They are fantastic books–they have everything; history, adventure, Godliness, humor, and sweetness. I read it out-loud to my family, and they all enjoyed it.

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