Book Review: Plague of Darkness

Plauge of DarknessWhen his parents die in a plague, eleven year old Teague is determined to care for his three younger siblings. But when raiders sweep through the village and kidnap the surviving residents for the illegal slave trade, Teague can do nothing to protect them. Separated from his remaining family, Teague is sold as a farm laborer. Forced to work under cruel overseers, he loses the will to live. He only starts eating again when Quinn, an older boy, promises that they will someday escape. Will the right time ever come? Will it come too late?

I must warn you that I am rather biased towards this book. Teague is a character rivaled in my heart only by my own character, Zaid. The author, Hannah Mills and I laughingly refer to Teague and Zaid as “our boys.” My biased opinion aside, this is a good book. Teague is a young man laden with guilt and searching for an escape. Though he’s not ready to accept yet, Quinn is gently pushing him towards Christ. Plague of Darkness is the second book in the Arridraen, but the story takes place before Called. It’s well worth checking Plague of Darkness out. Who knows. Maybe you’ll fall in love with Teague too.