Desert Roses

All glory to our Lord most awesome,
The solitary place shall blossom.
Even the stones break forth in song,
All pow’r and praise to Thee belong.

Death could not keep Him, Christ arose,
The desert blossoms as the rose.
The lame man leaps, the dumb shall sing,
For they have seen their glorious King.

Go strengthen ye the weakened hands,
Proclaim His name through all the land.
Streams in the desert there shall be,
Proving His grace to you and me.

(Based on Isaiah 35:1-6)

Copyright 2012 by Leah E. Good

An Answer Soft

An answer soft turns wrath away,
Turns battle’s dark to hope of day.
Brings rest so sweet and harmony,
Shows heart’s surrender unto Thee.

An answer soft turns wrath away,
Makes blooms of joy replace the gray.
To answer loud is pride, I know,
While speaking soft God’s love will show.

An answer soft turns wrath away,
Please teach me this, oh Lord, I pray,
That I might in Thy will be found,
Peaceful and resting, safe and sound.

(Based on Proverbs 15:1a)

copyright 2011 by Leah E. Good