Book Review: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Theodore BooneThe son of two lawyers, thirteen year old Theo Boone hopes to someday be a famous trial lawyer or great judge. He spends much of his free time at the courthouse, and his classmates come to him for legal advise when they or their families have trouble. Theo never imagines his mini law practice will put him in the middle of the biggest murder trial his town has seen in his lifetime.

I knew about this book/series for a while, but never felt much interest in it until I started working on my mystery parents guide. It turned out to be quite good. Theo has a slight crush on a grown-up lady, but she barely notices him. The plot centers around a murder trial, so I wouldn’t recommend it for very young kids, but children ten and up should be good. Also, the ending to this book doesn’t resolve the story (nor do the next two). I have the fourth book out from the library now.

Book Review: The Lord is My Shepherd

Lord is My Shepherd, TheThis month’s theme is mysteries, which is an unusual genre for me to read in. I still have to read a few books for the month, so I’d love some recommendations! (Thanks to you who already gave me some on Goodreads.) Also, I had so much fun reading a bunch of princess stories last month I have a few extras. If I can keep up with it, I may post the overflow reviews on Wednesdays this month.
Cindy considers her job as church secretary quite boring until she discovers a dead body in the sanctuary. She is surprised when the rabbi from the synagogue next door comes to her rescue when she screams. Thrown together by the church sanctuary murder and ensuing police investigation, Rabbi Jeremiah feels responsible for Cindy. They forge a friendship which both will need as more murders are committed, all of which seem strangely linked to Easter and to Cindy. How far can the murder make it through the Easter Story before the mystery is solved?

I’m primarily a reader of historical fiction, but reading books for the variety of monthly themes on this blog has pushed me into wider variety of books . This Christian murder mystery is one of them. I find murder mysteries creepy. This was no exception, but I liked it anyway. My favorite part was the development of the friendship between Cindy and Jeremiah. While there’s definitely a hint that the friendship may turn into something more in future books, it stayed within the bounds of friendship in this book, which was refreshing. While there was no obvious Christian lesson being pushed by this story (as far as I could see), it was nice to read a good story, written for an adult audience, with none of the blush factors that make me wary of adult books.

Share some of your favorite mystery titles with us.