Counted Worthy: Cover Reveal

ebook_cover I have been eagerly anticipating this day ever since I made the decision to self-publish Counted Worthy. So, readers, I’m pleased to introduce you to the official cover of Counted Worthy. And to make things better, it’s now available for pre-order!

Thanks so much to all of you who have encouraged me along the way, supported this project through Kickstarter, and joined the team of beta readers and editors. I appreciate every single person who is reading this post.

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Please check out all the details below! And let me know if I missed any details. My baby is finally making it’s debut. 😀


Heather Stone lives in fear of repeating the past, yet she continues doing the one thing that could trigger another disaster. When the police trace an illegal Bible to her house, Heather’s world begins to crumble.

Her father’s life hangs in the balance. No one with the power to help knows or cares. If she tries to save him, she could lead her friends to their deaths. If she does nothing, her father’s fate is certain. Can she evade a hostile police force and win public sympathy before it’s too late?


Get the paperback or Kindle e-book.

Check out the special Counted Worthy page for more details!

Sneak Peek

Want to get a look at the first chapter of Counted Worthy? Wait no longer.

Read Chapter One

Kickstarter Update

support_counted_worthyHello Everyone! I want to thank all of you who have pledged to and shared the link to the Counted Worthy Kickstarter campaign. Last Monday was absolutely incredible. After launching the campaign and posting about it on social media, The Rebelution blog also hosted a post about the campaign. Over the next 12 hours, $750 of pledges came pouring in. The campaign reached it’s base goal of $1,000 within three days.

Today the Kickstarter page shows $1,540 in pledges and 69 hours (a little under 3 days) to go. I would love your help in reaching the stretch goal of $2,000. At this point, all pledges are locked in. This means that if you pledge, you’ll definitely pay the money you pledged and you’ll definitely receive  the reward you chose. This means that supporting the campaign is a great way to pre-order a copy of Counted Worthy.

For a pledge of $10 you’ll receive an e-copy of Counted Worthy. A $15 pledge gets you a paperback. And a $20 pledge gets you a signed paperback.

Please continue to share the campaign with your friends. We have 69 hours to raise $460. Every email, Facebook share, tweet, and pin make a difference in reaching the stretch goal.

Tweeting Made Easy

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Counted Worthy on Kickstarter!

counted_worthy_kickstarterGood morning, everyone! Lord willing the weekly Guess a Quote will go up tomorrow. Today I want to share the launch of a Kickstarter campaign designed to raise the money needed to prepare Counted Worthy for publication. It’s also your first opportunity to reserve a copy of the book. If you’re following this blog, you probably enjoy reading. I’d really appreciate your support of this particular book!

Visit the Campaign!

How to Support Counted Worthy

  1. Visit the Kickstarter campaign and pledge your support. Kickstarter uses an all-or-nothing model for fundraising. If the campaign does not reach the $1,000 pledge goal, no money will exchange hands. Consequently, it’s really important to reach that goal. It’s especially important to act quickly because the campaign is only 10 days long. Any and all support will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Tell other people about the campaign! Please tell your friends. Share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and pin on Pinterest. You could also just talk to your friends about it. You know. Good old fashioned face-to-face social networking. 😉 If you do any of the above, please let me know. I’ll be awarding Story Shop points quite liberally for help with promotion.
  3. BONUS! If any blog followers pledge to the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get a free sneak peak of the Counted Worthy cover image. Just make sure you tell me you pledged. This also counts if someone follows the blog after pledging to the campaign.

Tweeting Made Easy

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I’m really excited about this project, and I hope you are to. Thanks for supporting it! I can’t wait to share the final product with you.

Greetings, Salutations, and Announcements

IMG_6Greetings, salutations, and apologies for forgetting to post on Monday. My brother and I arrived home from a missions trip at 3AM Saturday morning. I was still recovering on Monday. If you’d like to read a little more about the trip you can check out Encountering the Fatherless on my other blog. Or you could ask questions in the comments section. I got to hang out with the kids in the picture all week. It was a blast! 🙂

You guys did a great job of keeping this place hopping while I was away. We hit 200 followers and counting, so I’m trying to brainstorm a fun way to celebrate that landmark. Any ideas?

A bunch of you also voted for the cover design of my new book. I’m excited to announced that a design has been selected, and I’m working with Marli Renee to create the actual cover. You’ll just have to wait and see which design we went with and how we’re going to execute it. I got a lot more votes than comments, so there are a bunch of people who have not been awarded their story shop points. If you’re one of those people, please leave a comment so I can keep track of your points.

I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff in the works right now, so please have patience with my slightly scattered sounding posts and occasional forgetfulness. Hopefully you’ll enjoy experiencing this self-publishing journey alongside me.

Story Friends: Help Pick a Cover Design

Help Pick a Cover Design

*This survey has ended. Click here to learn more about Counted Worthy.

Hello everyone. In case you missed the grand opening of the Story Shop, please go ahead and check it out. The Story Shop is a project I’m testing. The idea is that you get to participate in games, surveys, and other activities to earn points. You can then redeem those points for prizes listed in the Story Shop.

This survey is to help me pick a cover design for my novel Counted Worthy. Counted Worthy is set in the future. It is narrated by a teenage girl who is a member of the persecuted church. You can read more about it here. I’m in the beginning stages of self-publishing this story, and I want it to have a fantastic cover. The covers below belong to previously published, unrelated books. I’m not endorsing any of them. I haven’t even read all of them. It’s the design that matters. For any of the options, I’d take the general concept and substitute images and designs that fit Counted Worthy. Which design do you like best? Which of these books would you be most likely to buy based on cover design alone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Leave a comment stating which book design you voted for. You will be awarded one point for voting, but only if you leave a comment. I can’t give you your point if I don’t know who you are. Earn additional points by sharing this post on social media and sending me the link to your share.

Meet Suhana

Meet SuhanaThank you to everyone who voted to help me name “Little Friend”. There was a lot of variety in the voting. Apparently there was a good reason I couldn’t decide between those four names. They’re all good ones! One name did come out on top, though. Suhana received 35% of the votes. Sumita received 26%, Sameena received 24%, and Shaila received 15%.

So, I’d like to introduce you to Suhana. Abandoned at her orphanage as a baby, Suhana is a quiet soul who keeps mostly to herself and doesn’t talk much. She spends most of her time trailing the older girls who are in charge of caring for her. The orphanage director considers her an odd duck and often apologizes for her reclusiveness when missions teams visit the orphanage. Few people recognize Suhana’s intelligence and power of observation. She misses very little that goes on at the orphanage. When main character Tyler James (aka TJ) arrives at her orphanage, Suhana watches as separates from the other members of the missions team. To everyone’s surprise, she attaches herself to him and soon has him wrapped around her little finger. He becomes her protector just when she needs one the most.

Thirty-four people responded to the Help Me Name “Little Friend” survey. Of those 34 people, I know who 7 of you are.

Hanna R
Jennifer Sauer
Spencer R

If you voted and your name is not on this list, leave a comment so I can add your name to the list. Known participants have been awarded one point. Points can be used to purchase prizes in the Story Shop. That’s right! My exciting project to get you all involved in my stories and award prizes for participation has been launched! Please hurry and check out the Story Shop and let me know what you think. Do you have any ideas for what you’d like to see as prizes in the shop? Let me know! And keep your eyes out for the next Story Friends activity.

Also, the My Books page is freshly updated. Check that out too! 🙂