Fiction & The Sanctity of Life: Thoughts After Reading About “Me Before You”

Several months ago, I was scrolling through Facebook when a movie trailer caught my attention. The actor who played Finnick in Mockingjay sat in a wheelchair and smiled at a pretty girl. Even without turning the volume on, it was clear the man in the wheelchair and the girl were falling in love. I smiled a little and moved on.

When I mentioned the trailer to a friend, she told me the movie was sparking a lot of controversy. The story (which I haven’t read or watched) depicts a newly wheelchair bound man and his female caregiver falling in love, but the ending has a big twist. The man decides to end his own live via doctor assisted suicide.



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Silenced Voices

Unborn BabyTiny footprints travel time,
Leaving spattered blood a sign,
Of potential crushed before,
Little feet could touch the floor.

Little ears will never hear,
Parents tell them they are dear.
People swallow all the lies.
Say these babies aren’t alive.

Tiny hands can touch the heart,
Asking people do their part,
Begging that the war be fought,
Truth of human life be taught.

Little eyes will never see,
For the world won’t pay the fee,
Sacrifice themselves for these,
Little ones who have a need.

Little lives have been snuffed out,
Silenced voices raise the shout,
Asking no more lives be torn,
Let these little lives be born.

(Copyright 2013 by Leah E. Good)