Story Shop

Story ShopEarn points and win fun prizes by participating in  Story Friends activities, spreading the word about Leah’s Bookshelf, buying my books and more! Use this page to learn how to earn points, track how many points you’ve earned and check out the cool prizes you can purchase with your points!

Earn Points

  1. Participate in Story Friends activities. (Find a current activity here)
  2. Tweet, share, or pin favorite posts from Leah’s Bookshelf. 2 per day limit. (Submit the link to a tweet, share, or pin here)
  3. Subscribe to my newsletter.
  4. Purchase one of my books [Counted Worthy | Stories for God’s Glory] (Send a picture of the receipt)
  5. Purchase a book from Shop My Bookshelf.
  6. Follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page or become a fan on Goodreads. (Submit your username so I can confirm your follow)
  7. Add one of my books to your Goodreads shelf. (Submit the link the shelf you added to)
  8. Come up with your own idea and tell me about. If I like it, I’ll award you points!
  9. More Coming!

Points Bank

Story Shop Points Bank

Prize Store

To redeem your prize, either use the contact form or leave a comment stating which prize you wish to receive. I will either email your prize to you or give you the password needed to access it. Please DO NOT share passwords with any one else. That would ruin the game.


19 Replies to “Story Shop”

        1. I’m sorry, I didn’t get a notification of your reply, so my own is rather late (ah, me and the Internet..) Anyway, anytime you’re ready is good for me and thank you! I’m also going to purchase “Counted Worthy” as a Christmas gift for myself on Amazon and look forward to finding it under the tree! (I’m ordering it so my fam can give it to me). Hope you’re having a good holiday season 🙂

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