Shop My Bookshelf

My bookshelves (sadly) cannot accept endless additions of books unless I occasionally weed some out. So, I’ve decided to make those books available to you*.


Shipping costs $3 for the first book and $0.50 for each addition book in the same mailing. All purchases will be handled through PayPal (if you don’t have PayPal, a mailed check works too). If you are interested in a book (or multiple books) email me your shipping address and identify the book(s) you would like using their number. My email is leah(at)leahegood(dot)com. I will try to remove books from the list as people request them. However, the books are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and books still showing may have already been requested. Please be patient!

To view larger cover images, simply click any book below to get a full size slide show of the books available. Covers shown are general pictures, not the specific book you will receive.

*I have not read all of these books and am not endorsing them


5 Replies to “Shop My Bookshelf”

  1. Have you read the “Answers to Prayer” book? What did you think of it if you have?


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