Meet Suhana

Meet SuhanaThank you to everyone who voted to help me name “Little Friend”. There was a lot of variety in the voting. Apparently there was a good reason I couldn’t decide between those four names. They’re all good ones! One name did come out on top, though. Suhana received 35% of the votes. Sumita received 26%, Sameena received 24%, and Shaila received 15%.

So, I’d like to introduce you to Suhana. Abandoned at her orphanage as a baby, Suhana is a quiet soul who keeps mostly to herself and doesn’t talk much. She spends most of her time trailing the older girls who are in charge of caring for her. The orphanage director considers her an odd duck and often apologizes for her reclusiveness when missions teams visit the orphanage. Few people recognize Suhana’s intelligence and power of observation. She misses very little that goes on at the orphanage. When main character Tyler James (aka TJ) arrives at her orphanage, Suhana watches as separates from the other members of the missions team. To everyone’s surprise, she attaches herself to him and soon has him wrapped around her little finger. He becomes her protector just when she needs one the most.

Thirty-four people responded to the Help Me Name “Little Friend” survey. Of those 34 people, I know who 7 of you are.

Hanna R
Jennifer Sauer
Spencer R

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Help Me Name “Little Friend”!

Help Me Name Little Friend*This Survey Is Now Ended, visit Meet Suhana for results
I think most of you know that I’m a writer. If you were unaware of this fact, I invite you to read my short story, Saving Memories. I’m wrapping up final edits on my previous book, Counted Worthy, and getting ready to launch into outlining my next book, Shadow Mission. I have a slight problem, though. I can’t decide on a name for one of my favorite characters! Can you help me pick a name for “Little Friend”? You can read more about her on the form below. If you’d like some pictures to help, she has her own board on Pinterest. Thanks so much!

P.S. Leave a comment to tell me which name you picked and why! 🙂