Guess a Quote (6.16.14)

Question MarkThis has been a fun, unique week here on Leah’s Bookshelf. The Help Me Name “Little Friend” post and Relationship Themed To-Read List were both new-to-the-blog type posts. I enjoyed trying something new, and I hope you did too. (Did you?) As I prepare to outline and write a new book, I’m also making plans to include all of you in that process. No, I won’t be constantly updating you on my word count or sharing writing tips. This is a blog for readers after all. Instead I’m hoping to let you get acquainted with the characters through some fun games, surveys, and more. It’s all still in the planning stages. Help Me Name “Little Friend” was the first step, though. If you already voted, be sure to leave a comment so you get credit for it. If you haven’t already voted, please do so. And invite your friends vote, too!

Last week’s quote came from Heidi, by Johanna Spyri. Since the books we read were translated from the original German text, different editions read a little differently. Morgan Huneke, Ella, and Hanna R. guessed it right despite that added challenge. Fun fact about this book. I misread the authors name as “Johann” instead of “Johanna” for most of my life. When someone referred to the author as “her”, I was shocked! 🙂

Here’s a real “flash from the past” for this week’s quote. Those with young siblings may have an advantage with this one.

“I think I will sit on it a little while longer,” said the duck, “as I have sat so long already, a few days will be nothing.”

Happy Guessing!