Guess a Quote [5.02.16]

Treasures of the Snow [gaq]

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you are all well rested and ready to face the week–especially those of you plunging into finals. You can do it! (If you need a break from finals, you may find this Pinterest board highly relatable.)

Last week’s quote came from Treasures of the Snow, by Patricia St. John. Liberty Bluebell, Elisabeth, and Savannah Peran all guessed it correctly. Great job, girls!

This week’s quote comes from a Newberry Medal book that’s filled with adventures and misadventures.

How far I’ve come! I’m the same girl and yet not the same. I wonder if it’s always like that? Folks keep growing from one person into another all their lives, and life is just a lot of everyday adventures. Well, whatever life is, I like it.

Happy Guessing!

What Has My Attention

  • Equipping MindsI spent half of my weekend at the annual MassHOPE homeschool conference. It was great! Carol Brown of Equipping Minds was one of the speakers, and her sessions were fascinating. She’s all about using games to increase people’s cognitive cores in order to make academics easier to process.
  • Abaddon’s EveRachel Starr Thomson is one of my favorite speculative authors. She’s trying to hit 15 Amazon reviews for her book, Abaddon’s Eve. As a result, it’s discounted to $0.99 for a few days. I already reviewed it, so I thought I’d reach out to you all and invite you to give it a try.
  • Samara’s PerilMost of my free time this week went to reading my advanced reader’s copy of this book. A preliminary review is up on Goodreads, and I can’t wait to share more with you!
  • Box of SunshineThis care package idea is simply adorable. Now I need to decide who to send one to.

If you want more curated links, the top three links in last week’s post are some of the best blog posts I’ve read in a while.

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  1. My first instinct was Caddie Woodlawn, but I wasn’t sure so I Googled it to find out. Not sure if my guess completely counts, since I didn’t comment till after I looked it up.

  2. Treasures of the Snow! Oh, that was one of my ultimate favorite books as a young girl! I still have it, somewhere. Patricia St. John was one of my original favorite authors, and I really loved Twice Freed as well. No wonder that quote was so familiar!

    I cheated on this GAQ, because I knew I hadn’t read this book. I have two copies of it on my bookshelf, though. XD

    • Twice Freed is really good. I have a special connection to it because I wrote a story inspired by Onesimus–and my Onesimus character is my all time favorite of my fictional people.

  3. Hmm. . . something makes we want to say “Anne of Green Gables”, but I don’t know why. I haven’t read it in years.


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