Guess a Quote [4.25.16]

Heidi [gaq]Who thought I’d forgotten about Guess a Quote posts? I’m thinking about raising my hand myself! Mondays have turned into crazy days for me, and my goal of pre-scheduling posts never seems to materialize. So, take a moment to journey back to February and refresh your memory on our last GAQ post.

The last quote came from Heidi, by Johanna Spyri. Emily, writefury, Elisabeth, Addyson M. Huneke, Hanna R, Mary, and Gabriellyn all guessed it correctly. Congratulations, everyone!

This week’s quote comes from a book that’s not quite as well known as Heidi. However, it was popular enough to be made into a movie.

It was Christmas Eve, and three people were climbing the steep, white mountain side, the moonlight throwing shadows behind them across the snow. The middle one was a woman in a long skirt with a dark cloak over her shoulders. Clinging to her hand was a black-haired boy of six, who talked all the time with his mouth full. Walking a little way away from them, with her eyes turned to the stars, was a girl of seven. Her hands were folded across her chest, and close to her heart she carried a golden gingerbread bear with eyes made of white icing.

Happy Guessing!

What Has My Attention

I’ve been enjoying some great blog posts recently, so I thought it was time for another one of these.

What corners of the internet have impressed you recently? Share links!

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  1. Liberty Bluebelle

     /  April 26, 2016

    I know! First I read that as a chapter in a school reader, then later I read the whole thing. Many of that author’s books are worth reading–both as a youngster and again as an adult. It is–[Title Temporarily Removed], by [Author Temporarily Removed]. =)

  2. [Title Temporarily Removed]! I haven’t read that book in years!

  3. Treasures In The Snow! I love that book so much, it’s one of my favorites 🙂 .


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