Guess A Quote [o1.04.16]

Best Christmas Pageant Ever [GAQ].jpgHappy New Year, my friends! I hope you had wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday of the year, and I really enjoyed the time with family and friends. While I don’t have a habit of making New Year’s resolutions, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what 2016 holds!

For Leah’s Bookshelf, January 2016 is going to be devoted to helping readers start the year on the right foot. I’m going to be giving away a few devotionals for giveaway winners to enjoy over the course of the year. Stay tuned for those!

In the meantime, our last guess a quote came from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (which I reviewed right after posting the quote). If you haven’t read this book, buy it now and tuck it away to enjoy next December. It costs less than $4 on Amazon. Congratulations to Jennifer Sauer, Addyson M. Huneke, Morgan Huneke, and writefury for guessing the quote correctly.

Our quote for this week comes from a well known and loved story for kids.

You can’t always judge people by the things they done. You got to judge them by what they are doing now.

Happy Guessing!

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  1. Ooh, good quote, but I can’t place where it’s from!

  2. I like the quote, but don’t know where it’s from.

    And I just finished The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! It was definitely a unique take on the Christmas story. It was fun. 🙂

    • I had a lot of fun with it too. My mom, brother, and I watched the movie last night. It was almost word for word from the book and therefore quite unique as well.

  3. I knew I’d heard that quote, but I couldn’t place it…so I Googled it and felt stupid because I’ve read that book so many times. 😛 Oh well.


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