Stay Tuned


Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Quite the contrary. I’ve just been buried by a landslide of work going into organizing the magnificent Black Friday sale coming up!

We’ll get back to our normal Guess a Quote/Friday post routine next week, Lord willing. For now, do any of you bloggers want to get free books and help spread the word about the sale this Friday?

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  1. Can’t wait! 😀

  2. Hi, Leah! This sounds like an awesome sale, and there are so many great books being offered! I’m helping with the Black Friday sale announcement, and I noticed that the links in the acknowledgement section, as well as the “Ebooks Only” link are not working because there’s a quotation mark at the end of each link. I fixed them in my post, but I wanted to let you know in case any other bloggers didn’t notice. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Ana. I’ve fixed this to the best of my ability, but it seems like some bloggers are still having problems. Hopefully everyone else will be able to manually fix the links like you did. 😉


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