You’re Invited

Jamberry Invitation

Hey everyone! This invitation is especially to the girls, but if any guys are hunting for Christmas ideas for their moms and sisters, they’re welcome too! A friend of mine (and fellow OYANer) is a Jamberry Nails consultant. She asked me to join her in hosting a Facebook party for my friends, and I said yes. 🙂

Join the Party

If you haven’t participated in a Jamberry party yet, it’s basically a Facebook event that gives you a no-pressure opportunity to learn about Jamberry Nail Wraps (and their other products), and play some games to try to win giveaways.

I tried Jamberries for the first time this summer. Friends gave me a gift card to get a few sheets of wraps, and I love them! Plus, four sheets lasted me all summer. You can get at least two manicures per sheet, and a manicure usually lasts me about two weeks.

Anyway, I’m really excited to support my friend’s business by hosting a party with her. I hope you’ll join us!


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