Guess a Quote [11.02.15]

Anne of Green Gables [GAQ]Thank you to everyone who has taken the bookish needs survey! According to your responses, the Guess a Quote feature is still the overwhelming favorite here on Leah’s Bookshelf. (If you haven’t taken the survey, it’s not to late. Go share your opinions!) I’m glad you all enjoy it so much. 🙂

Our last GAQ quote came from Anne of Green Gables. Marry Burroughs, Spencer R, Lina-Ruth, Morgan Huneke, and writefury all got it right! Great job to each of you!

Here’s your new quote. This week we’re testing your memory of picture books! I’ll give you a hint: this picture book is related to this time of year.

Every once in a great while, the hand of God is easy to see, and for a brief moment, fairy tales and history are the same thing. This story is about one of those times.

Happy Guessing!

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  1. Hmmm… it doesn’t rhyme, so it’s not Dr. Seuss… so I have no clue!!! *bangs head on table*
    Now I don’t feel so bad about not knowing the last one, since I haven’t read Anne of Green Gables.

  2. Ohhh, “Anne of Green Gables”? I can totally see that! I should read that book again. . .
    I’m not sure about this week’s quote; I’ll get back to you if I come up with anything!


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