Guess a Quote (1.20.14)

Question MarkHello! Are any of you doing something special for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? My family is pretty much doing the normal routine and trying to catch up on things there never seem to be time for.

Last week’s quote came from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Apologies if the reinstated titles in the comments are a little different from what you originally put in. Some of you wrote Huckleberry Finn and some wrote Huck Finn, and I got them a bit mixed up. If I reinstated yours wrong and it makes a difference to you, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Anyway, CJ, Melody, Ella, Dirk and starshining4ever all got it right. Narniahannah got the right author. Good job everyone!

Here’s the quote for this week. It’s a Christian classic that had a video and television show made off of it.

Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? He totters, arms stretched out to balance himself. He wobbles – and falls, perhaps bumps his nose. Then he puts the palms of his little hands flat on the floor, hikes his rear end up, looks around to see if anybody is watching him. If nobody is, usually he doesn’t bother to cry, just precariously balances himself – and tries again. Well, the baby can teach us. What you’ve undertaken…isn’t a state of perfection to be arrived at all of the sudden. It’s a WALK, and a walk isn’t static but ever-changing. We Friends say that all discouragement is from an evil source and can only end in more evil. Wallowing in self-condemnation or feeling sorry for yourself is worse than falling on your face in the first place. . . So thee is human.

Happy Guessing!

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  1. OnionTea

     /  January 27, 2014

    Ah… so now you do Christy! I have to admit that I’ve never fully read the book,
    but I do remember hearing that quote in the movie(or maybe it was the tv show,
    I forget). I really enjoyed the movie, but the tv show wasn’t as great.


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