Guess a Quote (12.02.13)

Question Mark It’s hard to believe it’s December already! Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is on it’s way. Just for fun, which book are you most thankful for this year? (Besides the Bible. ;)) It’s a hard choice for me! I think it’s a toss up between Secret Believers and Orphan Justice. I’ve read so many books that I’m thankful for this year. What about you?

I’m surprised no one got last week’s quote. No Redwall fans out there? The quote came from Rakkety Tam. I’ve never read it myself, but it’s my brother’s favorite Redwall book.

And now for this week’s quote. I’m pulling this one from the opening page of a classic non-fiction.

Every one has heard people quarrelling. Sometimes it sounds funny and sometimes it sounds merely unpleasant: but however it sounds, I believe we can learn something very important from listening to the kinds of things they say.

Happy Guessing!

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  1. That’s easy! Mere Christianity! I recently read that for the first time and absolutely loved it.


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