Guess a Quote (11.26.13)

Question MarkGood morning everyone. A day late with this post, but such is life. Today is a big day for me (maybe for some of you too!). It’s the day the finalists and winners of the annual One Year Adventure Novel contest are announced. I’m a little nervous. After being a semi-finalist twice, I’m really hoping to be a finalist this time. Prayers please?

Writing contest aside, it seems several of you have tackled the task of wrapping your minds around old Srewtape’s letters. The Screwtape Letters are a great example of a strong character voice (for my fellow writers). People recognize Srewtape by the words, phrases, etc. he uses. And I’d say his voice is pretty unique as well! And speaking of recognizing; Grace, narniahannah, starshining4ever, Melody, Dirk, CJ, OnionTea, Spencer R., and Happy all got it correct this week. Good job you guys (and gals :P)!

Here’s this week’s quote. It’s a bit less serious than last week’s! I’ve never read it myself, but my brother assures me it should be recognizable to fans.

“I could not give my heart to one as ugly as ye. ‘Tis promised to a fair pretty maid!”

And because I wouldn’t have a prayer at guessing it, here’s an extra in case you need help.

“Brrr, snow. What’s all the kerfuffle about? ‘Tis scarecely daybreak, can’t ye sleep?”

Happy Guessing!

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