Guess a Quote (11.11.13)

Question Mark Seems like Do Hard Things is as popular as I hoped it would be. You guys have good reading tastes. 😉 CJ, Melody, emilydm544, Karis Elizabeth, Emily Ruth, Marli Renee, Onion Tea, Ella, Dirk, Spencer R, and teaguesparhaouc all got it right. Good job you guys! (And yes, Marli, it is a pretty unforgettable quote.)

This week I’m sticking to the non-fiction theme, but going with one that might be a little bit harder. It’s one of my favorite non-fiction books.

This is a message that calls us to enter the most dramatic adventure of all time–an adventure that far surpasses the reckless expeditions of the most ambitious mountain explorer. It’s an adventure that will claim our entire existence. This adventure means saying adios to life as we know it. Yet it also means discovering life the way it was meant to be lived, in all its breathtaking wonder and grandeur.

Happy Guessing

Check out my latest poem, Aris.

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  1. Is this one When God Writes Your Life Story? I haven’t finished that book, but the quote does sound familiar…


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