Guess a Quote (10.07.13)

Question MarkLooks like Grace stumped everyone. 🙂 Last week’s quote came from Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss. I would have been stumped too since I’ve never read this book. Have any of you read it? What did you think?

Here’s this week’s quote. I’ve been on a bit of a spree lately (those of you who are also on Goodreads may have an advantage here), so I decided to throw in a quote of my own instead of using another of Grace’s this week.

Oh, Adam’s sons, how cleverly you defend yourselves against all that might do you good!

Happy Guessing!

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  1. Aslan in “The Magician’s Nephew” 😀 One of my fave books of the series!

  2. Oh! I love that quote. 🙂 Aslan, The Magician’s Nephew.

    And I should’ve guessed the Stepping Heavenward quote – I have read that book and would definitely recommend it; it gets a little slow as you move towards the end (lots more thoughts and theological discussions by the protagonist) but it is certainly worth reading. It was the book that opened my eyes to the realities of living life AFTER marriage!

    • So is it (Stepping Heavenward) fiction or non-fiction?

      • melodramaticity

         /  October 7, 2013

        It is fiction. But very realistic fiction – set in an old-fashioned environment. (The late 1800’s, maybe? Not quite sure what time period.)

        • Whoops. Guess my hint last week was rather misleading. That’s what comes of not reading the book yourself. Did you like it “melodramaticity”?

        • Oh yeah…oops!! Oh, well. 🙂
          Yes, I did like it! Although I must confess I did not read the end as thoroughly as I really should have. I’d like to read it again and actually read through the whole thing someday.

  3. Emily Ruth

     /  October 8, 2013

    I’ve read Stepping Heavenward, but it was a long long long long long time ago when I was a teen. 😉
    As for the new quote. HA! Aslan spoke it concerning the bedraggled titular magician of the Magician’s Nephew. I LOVE this scene, I wrote a little story of my own inspired by the idea. 🙂

  4. Karis Elizabeth

     /  October 8, 2013

    Yes yes yes!!!
    C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Magician’s Nephew!!

  5. Annie Hawthorne

     /  October 21, 2013

    Aslan in “The Magician’s Nephew”!!


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