Guess a Quote (8.05.13)

Question MarkGood morning, everyone! Did any of you do anything wonderfully exciting this weekend? We enjoyed a picnic with some homeschooling friends on Saturday. And, of course, I’ve been editing away.

Last week’s quote stumped the lot of you. It came from The Cross Triumphant, by Florence M. Kingsley. It’s a Lamplighter book I need to get around to reading. Have any of you read it?

Here’s this week’s quote. There’s several more little hints than usual within the quote itself.

I swallowed, wishing for Da so hard I had to turn my head to hide my face from Sean. I blew a secret kiss across the waves; then we picked our way up the steep little path to Patrick’s Well.

Happy guessing! And don’t forget that you’re welcome to make suggestions for future quotes. Just use the Contact Me form to send them to me.

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  1. “The Cross Triumphant” is on my to-read list too 🙂 Don’t know this week’s quote!


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