Guess a Quote (7.30.13)

Question MarkHello everyone. A day late with the guess a quote post because I took a day off from writing after finishing the rough draft of my current novel on Sunday. Today I dive into editing. Only fifteen days till the contest deadline!

Last week’s quote came from The Return of the King, as many of you enthusiastically proclaimed. R.G. Nairam, CJ, Karis Elizabeth, Lindsey C, Marli Renee, and starshining4ever all knew where it came from. I think R.G. Nairam takes the prize for most thorough guess in the history of the blog. 😛 Go check out her comment on last week’s Guess a Quote post.

And now for this week’s quote. I’m pulling it from the first line of a book on my “need to read” list.

Jesus, a carpenter of Galilee, who was also called the Christ by certain Jews who followed him, had already been dead full seventeen years–dead, and already put out of mind and forgotten by many who had both seen him and heard him speak, when a man child was born in the little mountain village of Aphtha.

Happy Guessing!

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  1. Karis Elizabeth

     /  July 31, 2013

    The robe? Hmmm I’m not sure I know this one!


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