Guess a Quote (6.04.13)

Question MarkHello everyone. Thank you so much for the expressions of support and sympathy you left here on my blog after I announced the death of my grandmother. It was an exhausting week, but also one of blessing as many friends joined together to model Christ’s love for us. I still have not made up the paper slips to do the drawing for the book giveaway. It’s on my to-do list and should happen sometime this week.

Meanwhile I’d like to congratulate Annie Hawthorne for knowing which book the last quote was from. The quote came from Sir Gibbie, which I learned from Annie is officially titled The Baronet’s Song. The book was written by George MacDonald, an author who had a strong influence on C.S. Lewis.

This week’s quote comes from a recently published book written by a homeschooled author. If you want to do some detective work, checking out the Go Teen Writers blog might be useful.

[Frank] looked me directly in the eye. “To tell the truth, I’ve always considered both of you to be a little odd, and I guess you thought I was strange too. So I figured we’d get along fine. And we do.”

Happy Guessing, and thanks again for your patience and comments over the past week.

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  1. Layla

     /  June 4, 2013

    I’m going to guess Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker:)

  2. Oh I know this one! I just read this book! Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker! 🙂 I follow Go Teen Writers too, awesome blog!


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