Guess a Quote (5.13.13)

Question MarkHope you all had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. We had a delicious meal at my aunt’s house after church. Have any of you ever tried your hand at book binding? I found directions on Pinterest a while back, so Mom got a homemade journal for Mother’s Day.

Last week’s quote came from By Darkness Hid, by Jill Williamson. It’s the first book in her Blood of King’s Trilogy. Kiri Liz got it right of the bat. Good job!

Here’s the quote for this week. It correlates with the month’s theme.

“I’ve got a lot of training to do with those dogs before they’re ready for the nursing home,” I say, finishing off my last green beans. It’s not going to be easy to teach that bulldog not to jump on people.

Happy Guessing!

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  1. Ella

     /  May 15, 2013

    This is from “Mad Dog”, book 2 from the Starlight Animal Rescue series right? :D….love love love love loveeeeeeee that book!!! 😉


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