April Theme: Dystopian

Calendar The wildly popular Hunger Games series (which I have not read) has pulled the dystopian sub-genre into vogue. The word “dystopian” makes a lot of people wrinkle their forehead in confusion, so let me explain. A distopia is the opposite of a utopia. In a utopian world everything would (theoretically) be perfect. In a distopian world, everything is a mess. Most dystopian novels are set in a futuristic society with a seriously problematic government. The reason for this theme centers mostly around this month’s giveaway. Someone recommended City of Ember to me, and I found a nice copy that would make a good giveaway. City of Ember is dystopian, therefore this month’s theme is dystopian. I’ve actually only read the first two books in the lineup, so I’ll be reading fast to keep up this month.

Week One–Among the Brave, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Week Two–The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau
…plus giveaway!
Week Three–Captives, by Jill Williamson
Week Four–Precisely Terminated, by Amanda Davis

Which dystopian books have you read? Are any of the titles in this lineup familiar to you?

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  1. Marli Renee

     /  April 4, 2013

    Love this idea! I did read City of Ember, and enjoyed the movie…

    1984 is always chilling. My dad read Farenheit 451 out loud to me quite a few years ago, but I think he took out a few choice words here and there 🙂

    H.G. Wells “The Time Machine” was thought provoking.

  2. Abbey

     /  April 5, 2013

    I actually just read among the brave very recently and have been working on the rest of the series. I’ve thought of reading the city of ember before but still haven’t got to it yet (haven’t seen the movie either). Another great one is This Present Darkness and it’s sequel Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti. It’s actually present day but you realize that there’s a lot wrong with this world, more than we notice. I haven’t read those books in forever, I think I’m going to have to put them on my list of books to read soon.

  3. I think dystopian is fascinating and thought -provoking. I’ve read “City of Ember” and the sequel “People of Sparks,’ (really liked those!), “The Time Machine” and synopses of many more…”Animal Farm” is on my to-read-soon list. Looking forward to the reviews!

  4. Melody

     /  April 12, 2013

    You’re definitely right about dystopian books becoming popular, Leah! I have not read any of the books you are reviewing (although I did watch the City of Ember movie, and I enjoyed it), but they sound like they might be worth looking into once I have time to read again.
    I did read the Hunger Games books, and I think the biggest thing I came away with was an appreciation for the Hope that we have in Christ. The world in the Hunger Games is so devoid of hope…despite the intrigue of the story and the talent of the author, the books leave you somewhat heartbroken, because the characters have no higher calling than that of surviving – or of giving their lives for each other. And while the latter cause may be noble, I can identify with Katniss in wondering what point there is in living when you have no God to live for.

    Have you reviewed The Giver on here yet? That (and its sequels) would probably be my favorite out of all the dystopian books I’ve read.

    • I’m not surprised to have you mention The Giver, and no, I have not reviewed it yet. It totally slipped my mind when I was putting the list together.

      You did read the Hunger Games? I’ve been trying to decide if I want to read them. Do you think there is anything in there that would really bother me?

      • Haha, I’m not surprised that you aren’t surprised!! 😀 One of these days you’ll review it, I’m sure. 🙂 It’s too good a book to go un-reviewed forever!

        Hmm…well, I think it depends on how much you get “into” that type of story. I was not nearly as disturbed by them as Annette was. There are definitely some things in there that aren’t kid-friendly, but I’m not sure whether or not it’d bother you very much. I’ll have to email you about it, though, because I can talk a lot about this particular subject. 😀

        • Please do. Email me, I mean. It’s mostly the guy/girl stuff I’m concerned about. I’ve been assured it’s not to bad, but I’d appreciate your opinion on it. 😉

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