Guess a Quote (3.11.03)

Question MarkLast week’s quote came from one of the most powerful fictional stories I have ever read. The title is Safely Home, and the setting is the persecuted church in China. I would tell you more, but I’m hoping to review it here someday and I wouldn’t to ruin either the book or the review! Kudos to starshing4ever for figuring it out.

Here’s the quote for this week.

“Have you hungered well today?”

He tilted his head, listening, and grinned when the droning syllables of a song-chant reached his ears. The master potter Min was singing, which meant it was a “throwing” day.

Just a small quote but a pretty telling one. I think. I’ll try to remember to add a second quote on Wednesday. I’m snowed under with studying for my college finals, so I will not be making a Wednesday post this week or next week. Hopefully the week after that will be back to normal.

Happy guessing!

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  1. Hannah P.

     /  March 11, 2013

    hey, leah, it’s hannah. is the quote from the book ‘A Single Shard’?

    • Hey! I’ve been hoping you or Joy would take a guess. I have a new rule that I don’t say if a guess is right or not until the following Monday, but I’m glad you took a stab at it! 😉

    • And, now it’s Monday so I can tell you, yes! That’s where the quote is from.


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