Guess a Quote (3.04.13)

Question MarkLast week’s quote was a stumper for some of you. Spencer R. was the first to guess it, quickly followed by Maiden-in-Waiting. The quotes were taken from Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, by Jean Lee Latham. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend that you do. It is a fictionalized biography of Nathaniel Bowditch.

Here’s the quote for this week. I am curious to see if any of you have read this book. If some of you are still stumped by Wednesday, I’ll add another quote to help you out. 😉

“If your life is more important than your loyalty to this foreign god, leave now!” Scarbrown waved his rifle toward the door. “If you stay in this room, you choose to die.”

Real gold fears no fire.

“One moment after men die,” Li Tong said, “they know exactly how they should have lived. But then it is too late to go back and live their lives over again. Too late for the unbeliever, in the jaws of hell. But also too late for the believer, who cannot relive his life, remake his choices, this time following his King more faithfully.”

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  1. Maiden-in-Waiting

     /  March 4, 2013

    Oh dear, I have no idea. Is it a story set in some eastern Europe communist country? (just a wild guess)
    Guess I’ll have to wait till Wednesday for the next clue…. 🙂

  2. I’ve never read “Bowditch” but it’s been on my “to-read-sometime-eventually” list because my cousins say it’s really good 🙂 As to this week’s quote…sorry, no clue.

  3. I remember you commented on this quote on Goodreads and that’s what reminded me it must be “Safely Home” 🙂 But the quote by ‘Scarbrown’ sounds like it belongs in a real incident I read about…I wonder if it happened in this book… Sounds like a great read either way!

    • I’ve read quote similar to the the “Scarbrow” one in both fiction and non-fiction books. The courage of Christian’s in situations like that never cease to amaze and convict me.


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