Guess a Quote (12.24.12)

Candy CaneMerry Christmas everyone! A lot of bloggers are signing off till the New Year, but I’m planning on blogging right through and enjoying the Christmas season with all of you. It didn’t seem right to use the normal glasses-and-question mark picture today, so I used the candy cane because it looks kind of like a question mark.

Okay. Last week’s quote, as most of you already know, was from The Hobbit. Nairam, Samantha, shiningstar4ever, and Maiden-in-Waiting all got it right. Good job you guys!

On Christmas Eve, it’s only fitting to have a Christmas themed quote. So here it is. A not-so-obvious quote from a book all of you have probably read. If you need a hint, well, it’s a classic.

For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself.

What book is this from?

Merry Christmas and remember the Reason for the season everyone!

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  1. Marli Renee

     /  December 26, 2012

    Ah, I feel so silly for not getting this one – I had to google it, and then felt like hitting my face on the desk – duh! Oh well, better luck next time, eh? I haven’t read any Dickens in many years – I seem to be the only classic lit lover I’ve met who doesn’t appreciate him.

    • I have a hard time reading his books, but I do like listening to them. Especially the Focus on the Family Radio Theater. I got their new production of “Oliver Twist” for Christmas, so I’m excited to listen to that.

  2. Maiden-in-Waiting

     /  December 26, 2012

    A classic. Right. And thanks to Marli, now I know it’s Dickens! 🙂 To justify myself somewhat, “Oh, that’s from “A Christmas Carol in Prose” was my first thought. Then I quizically asked myself “Where on earth is that in the story though?” So I was back and forth. Though I’ve only read two of Mr. Dicken’s works, I loved both and can’t wait to read more 🙂

    I got the same Christmas present Leah! So much fun…

    Funny how unobservant we can be; you said you used a different picture in keeping with the spirit of the season, and then I thought “she usually puts a pair of glasses?” so I had to go back and look for them to satisfy myself (how silly is that?!) 😀

    Merry Day-After-Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks to the first 2 comments ;), the book you just reviewed and the current season, I’m going to say “A Christmas Carol.” But I also don’t remember that quote being in there. I need to read Dickens again… 🙂


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