Movie Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit-An Unexpected JourneyYes, breaking ground here and posting a movie review. My brother is an ardent Lord of the Rings fan, and I enjoy the stories too. Last Christmas my cousins (thank you cousins!) gave me a gift card to the movie theater, and I’ve been saving it to see The Hobbit. While the movie probably wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I certainly enjoyed it. Okay, here’s the review.

When adventure comes knocking at his door, Bilbo Baggins wants nothing to do with it. But, before he knows it, the pull of the unknown and heroic outweighs the draw of familiar comfort. He signs a contract that stipulates (among other things) that his dwarf companions will not be held responsible if he is incinerated by a dragon! So starts a journey of courage, friendship, and unexpected heroes.

Cons: The dwarfs exhibit some rude table manners at the beginning of the movie. While none of the humor is inappropriate, some of it seems unnecessary and has a distinctly “Hollywood” flavor.

Pros: Everything else. 😉 I left the theater with the warm feeling that comes from a story with hidden depth. While the plot of The Hobbit stand firm on its own, the underlying themes add lots of dimension. One of my favorite characters was Thoren Oakenshield. He’s a flawed character. Pride and stubbornness sometimes outweigh his common sense, but he is a wonderful leader. His men trust him and he routinely risks his life to protect them. Bilbo leaves the comforts of his home and comes to realize he’d rather serve a greater good than return to the safe and familiar. In the same way, the path God has for us is not always smooth or safe, but it is always best. There are a lot of lessons to learn from the story if you look for them.

Bottom line. If you enjoyed the trilogy movies, you’ll definitely enjoy this first movie of The Hobbit.

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  1. Marli Renee

     /  December 19, 2012

    Yay for movie reviews 🙂 Saw it last week with my family and thoroughly enjoyed it. Much lighter than Lord of the Rings, so in many ways it can’t be compared, but makes a nice addition to the series. Once again, Serkis outdid himself as Gollum… definitely the highlight of the film for me!


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