Guess a Quote (11.26.12)

Wow! Lots of posts last week. I had to scroll waaaay down to find last week’s Guess a Quote post. I did find it, though. Last week’s quote came from The Prisoner of Zenda. Thumbs up to Maiden-in-Waiting and Melody for getting it right.

This week’s quote is from a Lamplighter book. I reviewed the book here on this blog, so if you’re stuck you can go on a treasure hunt through the archives. 😉

Mrs. Douglass, I am a poor man now. I cannot continue in my regiment, and so far no path in life has been opened to me; but I assure you of this–that I shall look upon the four thousand pounds you have lost as a debt binding upon me as long as I live, and that, if God prospers me in the future, every single penny of it shall be repaid.

What book is this quote from? And if you’ve read The Prisoner of Zenda (from last week’s quote game) why did you (or didn’t you) like it?

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