Guess a Quote (10.15.12)

Last week’s quote came from The Door Within. Congrats to Maiden-in-Waiting for getting it right! I’m still looking for feedback on supplementing book quotes with trivia, so please leave your opinion in the comments section.

Okay, here’s this week’s quote. This time it’s not a quote already posted on this blog. Instead, it’s the opening of a famous book. Happy guessing!

In the ancient city of London, on a certain autumn day in the second quarter of the city, a boy was born to a poor family of the name of Canty, who did not want him.

What book is this from?

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  1. Maiden-in-Waiting

     /  October 19, 2012

    Oh boy, I’m not sure. How famous is this famous book? Universally know as a classic, or just one that an avid reader should have heard about by now?

    My first impression was that this was written by Charles Dickens… Maybe David Copperfield or Domby and Sons? I haven’t read either, so it was a bit of a random guess…


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